The Pitch

The pitch is currently available made-to-order only. Pricing and production time will vary.

Customization available.

For more information:

My new portfolio site is up: Fatimah Kabba

All great design begins with one thing: a great idea. This idea is the root of every well produced, beautiful,
or savvy execution. Whether it’s the representation of a brand by understanding the audience, the consideration
of a books content when creating a cover design, or the basis of apolitical campaign that goes on to influence
millions. As designers we have the ability to influence a world that is more aware of and impacted by design than
it realizes.

Communicate the premise of graphic design and make it accessible to everyone, especially non-creatives, and
create aproduct that helps us form a community, collaborate, and invent, exactly what I believe design intends to do.

Create the game of graphic design. A game that allows everyone, not just designers or creatives, but your younger
brother, your grandma who can’t click a computer mouse or your best friend who’s an economics major, to better
understand and engage in the creative process.

-Game photographed by: Nick Bologna

Former Kickstarter:
Kickstarter Project

151 thoughts on “The Pitch

  1. sam says:

    how can I get hold of one of these?!?! so good!

  2. Clarissa says:

    Wow, I absolutely love this! Is there any way possible that I may be able to purchase this game?

  3. Andrew says:

    ive seen someone do this in school a couple of years ago, but not to the level and perfection of this. Great job!

  4. scott says:

    Great work! This is brilliant! I’d love to have one

  5. Leif Jason says:

    Sign me up to be notified when you’re selling it! 🙂

  6. Flyn says:

    Brilliant idea for a present – It’s not difficult to imagine how many folks in the design world would love to give this to a colleague.

    Upload to contact a few design blogs and groups to market for you, and there you go.

    • fkabba says:

      Sent in the proposal, hope they accept it! 🙂

      • Flyn says:

        I’m so glad you did, I am a designer from Sydney and your game is turning up everywhere on bloggs. I’m a backer too! Good luck Fatimah.

  7. Mia says:

    I would also absolutely love to have one of these… not only would it be fun, but perfect for helping clients understand the process too!

  8. […] a super cool and quirky concept board game, The Pitch, that designer Fatimah Kabba created for her […]

  9. David says:

    I’ll have one too 😀 nice job!

  10. We want one at charity: water!

  11. Katokatz says:

    This is amazing, if you start selling – please let me know! KB

  12. Njbj says:

    Looks great.
    I need one. Count me in when the go on sale!


  13. Senseq says:

    Looks amazing. I am going to business school, and would love to showcase this. Please let me know when it becomes available.

  14. David Kurkov says:

    Great concept! How much would you be willing to sell this copy for?

  15. Jon Mannon says:

    This looks great. I’d love to play this in real life!

  16. The Pitch says:

    […] The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design by Fatimah Kabba. Finally, we can put away Monopoly. […]

  17. Would love to get one and to implement it within my lectures at business university.

  18. Tizzi says:

    I wanna have one too ! Great !

  19. Waleed Allen says:

    Please add me to the waiting list once you decide to go full production with your idea…sure big companies are queuing at your door for it by now 🙂

  20. Absolutely beautiful execution of a very interesting idea.

  21. Xavier says:

    Please start a Kickstarter project with your game! I want it!

  22. Franziska says:

    please keep me updated if this is available to buy. I LOVE IT!

  23. […] something to do on a rainy Saturday? Try Pitch, the board game of graphic design — or, Pictionary for people with dark-rimmed glasses and Apple […]

  24. David Blackburn says:

    Love the look of this – serious gamers in our family – would be more than happy to test it in a family ‘environment’ !!

  25. Great stuff Fatimah!! Don’t drop this will you? Take it all the way if you can!
    All the best

  26. William says:

    Not only put me on the waiting list, but I’d like to commission you to make me a board game style similar to your concept. Pls contact me for details.

  27. Mr Banners says:

    Wonderful idea Fatimah,

    Non Designers types fail to understand the creative process involved in designing. They have this idea that designers have a “bag of logos” and ready made branding solutions at hand.

    Hopefully this game will get business to “pitch in” and participate in the emotional elements of brand design.

    Let me know how it works out. @bid_banners

  28. Chris G says:

    This is awesome! Let me know when I can take one off your hands!

  29. WayneW says:

    Love it! The idea is genius but the exquisite attention to detail is amazing!
    Add me to the chorus calling for you to produce versions for sale. Hell if it’s half as good as it seems we’d finance it.

    Wayne Whatford
    Revolutionary Concepts

  30. Greg says:

    I wonder if it’s fun to play?

  31. I LOVE “The Pitch”.. I’m a young professional that works in a struggling creative environment of the older generation, and have plenty of creative thought processes that I explore in my free time. This is an excellent concept for bringing people together and challenging themselves to open their imaginations and potentially act.

    I really encourage you to recreate and distribute. I’d be VERY interested.

    • fkabba says:

      Thanks very much! I’m glad the premise is resonating with so many people

      • patricia says:

        im from M É X I CO !
        i want you creative G A M E !
        c O n G r A t u L a T i O N s
        call when you are ready!
        pAtRiCiA zAMbRaNo

  32. […] creative design game Posted on May 20, 2011 by Anna I just spotted this game.  I have no idea how it works. It’s something about making everyone “better understand […]

  33. Kenneth Shaaka says:

    Great Idea. Will definitely put in an order if it is produced. Keep me posted

  34. […] there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.The Pitch: The Game of Graphic Design, is a thesis project by Fatimah […]

  35. Dave says:

    You should put this on kickstarter. I would back it in a heartbeat.

  36. Chris Lane says:

    Very interesting concept and such amazing attention to detail. It is indeed a beautiful game. It would have been nice to have a little more info on how the actual game plays out. Add me to the list of interested people, I love good board games.

  37. Andrea says:

    LOVE IT! Please let us know when you’re going to start selling it 🙂

  38. Kathryn says:

    Wonderful idea and beautifully crafted! Would love to see a close-up of the rules.

  39. I’d also be interested in purchasing one if you ever make them! Perhaps you should do a kickstarter project?

  40. Sixto says:

    Love the game, would love to buy a copy

  41. Another name in the bucket for someone who would absolutely buy a copy of this fantastic-looking game!

  42. Ethan says:

    Great idea! I’d love to buy a copy of this as well.

  43. Ethan says:

    Can you make a copy of the game one of the rewards on Kickstarter? Maybe at the $40 level? I think people would be much more likely to pledge if it meant getting a copy of the game for free, were the project funded. That feels much nicer to me than pledging, only to have to pay again once the game is made.

  44. Mark Cook says:

    Great idea and execution, I like the fact it’s a great way to endorse the impact and importance of design, something that I rate highly.

  45. This is Gold, I want to play this game!! Count em in as well whenever this goes to production!!!

    Christopher Miller
    Toronto, Canada

  46. […] Kabba, projektantka z Nowego Jorku wpadła na pomysł nowatorskiego produktu – gry poświęconej projektowaniu, której celem ma być wciągniecię nietechnicznych klientów i kooperantów do wspólnego […]

  47. melodykid says:

    i want this! It looks amazing! Best wishes.

  48. Tom says:

    What a brilliantly original game, I can’t wait to buy one upon release. I’ve just backed in on kick-starter too! Good luck.

  49. Chris says:

    I’ll take two, two dozen. Please send ordering instructions.

    • fkabba says:

      Hey Chris-

      The best way to ensure that the game goes into production is by pledging at the kickstarter page:

      Currently there is only one copy in existence.

  50. hello ely says:

    this is genius! Have you tried submitting this to blogs like and to raise awareness and support?

    • fkabba says:

      Thanks! It was the other day. I haven’t heard of, the link doesn’t seem to work.

  51. AngelaR says:

    Wow, thesis win. What an amazing project! Congrats to you.

  52. Good lord! I want one please : ) – going to kickstarter now!

  53. BJ says:

    Make the kickstarter URL @ the top of this page a real link!!!

  54. BJ says:

    Also, you have a minimum $5 pledge but your first reward on the project is a $2 or more. Drop the minimum pledge and I’ll contribute.

  55. Laura says:

    This is awesome. You should definitely consider getting this produced to sell.

  56. […] It’s called the Pitch and this was brilliantly created by Fatimah Kabba – {GO TO HER BLOG} […]

  57. Malvina says:

    I love games. I would love to get it. I’m from Argentina. Please, if yoy make some more let me know.
    It’s awesome.

  58. Andrew says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! It’s very cool! Is there any way possible that I may be able to purchase this game!!!

  59. Repin says:

    It awesome!!! . I’m from Argentina, I would love to get it! Please, if you make some more let me know!

  60. Jo says:

    Hello, congratulations for this great project.
    I’m webdesigner and a fan of board games and being French I would like to know if I could get the rules or the game in several languages ​​before participating in the project. Good luck.

  61. JoeArtBen says:

    This is an awesome idea! Please find a way to sell this to the masses!

  62. valerie garon says:

    Great job !
    I’d love to have one !

  63. Megan B says:

    This is so awesome! Keep me posted when the game goes on sale, I would love to play!!!

  64. […] The Pitch is a game by a graphic designer Fatimah Kabba, for graphic designers. And it is, no surprise, a beautiful physical design. […]

  65. […] adore house games. Graphic designers adore striking design. Combine a two, and you’ve got The Pitch, a well nerdish small house diversion about, for, and by striking designers. This is Dungeons and […]

  66. Luce says:

    Very nice job! Hey I would like one too ;D
    Good luck!!

  67. Beth says:

    Love it!! Awesome idea, perfect implementation!

  68. Shirin says:

    WOW, you are my hero!!! Fan-f’ing-tastic. On so many levels. I hope you are able to bring it to fruition before you get snatched up by the hottest design shops out there, if you haven’t been already… 🙂 Seriously, wonderful.

  69. […] Kabbah created a board game that the whole creative department can play. The project is entitled “The Pitch”. The concept came about during a late night discussion with an advertising student, regarding the […]

  70. […] […]

  71. Jennifer says:

    You should try and contact Chronicle Books. They have done really cool kits and things in the past, and are very supportive of the design community. This would be a great fit for them!

  72. […] back to the idea. The Project: The Pitch. The Creator: Fatimah Kabba, a designer and recent graduate from SVA in NYC. The game looks completely fun for creatives in […]

  73. […] The Pitch « Fatimah Kabba Posted on June 1, 2011 by zepner508 via […]

  74. […] the world of graphic design, not just the design aspect but conceptualizing, pitching, and more. The Pitch gives the opportunity of everyone to contribute to the creative process of design. This game gives […]

  75. Sarah says:

    Cool stuff, nicely done!

  76. […] game is titled The Pitch and was created by Kabba in order to “communicate the premise of graphic design and make it […]

  77. Vasare says:

    thats amazing! well done:)

  78. Beautiful. I love this – would love to have a copy!

  79. Amir Hameed says:

    awesome work.

    do watch my work too.

  80. Alex Colley says:

    Great idea, think your work is very good!!

    Alex Colley
    Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Photographer
    Website –
    E-mail –

  81. Rana says:

    Wow! when can we find it on stand?

  82. Paula Albino says:

    Nice work!
    I’d like to play this game! 🙂


  83. OMG! I would love to have one of these!!! Let me know how much it would cost…this would be a great tool to use in class!!!


  84. lucas says:

    make me one please!

  85. Rikki Rogers says:

    Please add me to the list of those to be notified when this is available for sale! My nerdy graphic design friends and I would make a Friday night out of this in a heartbeat! 🙂

  86. […] The Pitch is the brainchild of SVA grad Fatimah Kabba who, after jawing about the meaning of design with an ad-industry friend late one night (ah, college), decided to whip up a game that could, as she tells it, “rebrand the preconceptions about graphic design.” Graphic designers don’t get enough respect for the work they do, she says. “You tell people you’re going to school to study graphic design and their first assumption is you’re an ‘artist’ painting and drawing all day,” she texplains that The Pitch thusly centers on the professional aspects of graphic design. The objective: to be the top creative in your field. And to do that, you have to — in the game, as in life — come up with great pitches and win lots of awards that make other people terribly jealous.///READ MORE […]

  87. CJ says:

    I’d love to have one of these!

  88. sondostc says:

    It is awesome!!!

    I want to buy one. Where it is possible to buy one of these nifty things?

    Please Reply:)

  89. Antony Coombs says:

    Just stumbled onto this, and went over to kickstarter…. but the deadline’s passed!! Drat – would certainly have pledged… are you still hoping to go into production?

  90. […] incappata spesso in questo tipo di situazioni, tanto che, come tesi di fine corso, ha pensato a The Pitch, il gioco di ruolo per imparare cosa vuol dire fare i grafici e i […]

  91. Carl says:

    Hey! I really like this idea, it’s the ideal christmas present for my artistic and ‘desinging’ brother. Is the game already for sale?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  92. Ruth Johnson says:

    The game look awesome and a great idea, please let me know if it every becomes available.

  93. Hi.
    Back when this project was active, I was a pledger. I really love the concept of this game and think it would be an awesome tool to use with design students. Is there anyone I can purchase one of the games? I seriously would love to use this game with my students and interns.

    Please let me know if this is possible and how much.

  94. […] brilliantly designed game from recent design grad student Fatimah Kabba who is looking to get funding to get it off the ground.  It was originally on kickstarter but it […]

  95. Cleyton Lage says:

    Brilliant Fatimah!!
    I from Brazil and have a brother-in-law designer and this would be a great present to him and the family of course.
    So, where I can find to buy???

    Great job, tranks!

  96. Lily says:

    This is a great idea! Would work wonderfully in agencies as a team builder! (I would buy this in a second for the agency i work in!)

  97. A the our design agency, we have built the business up on the back of repeat business from longstanding customers. We’ve found pitching breeds disloyal business in the past. However we’ve recently begun ‘dipping our toe in the water’ when it comes to pitching and found it quite fruitful.
    Not that we’d neglect our customer base for ‘maybe we will’ work, I thing picking ones fight is the key.
    Love the concept of this game and like many bloggers here, i’d buy it for my team in a heart beat!

    • Spanish Typer says:

      Sorry about Kickstarted but another way to “spread” your game It’s maybe doing it digital, I mean, we buy a PDF with rules and printable things to play easily anywere with everyday’s life objects. I think it could be a better idea than produce an expensive game with plastic models and that stuff. It’s just an idea.

      Congrats again!

  98. Yoss Moto says:

    I want to buy this, i´m from mexico and believe it,this would open minds in so much levels aboutn graphic design and creative process :D!!!! please, tell me when you gonna sell this!!!

  99. Haley Rich says:

    This is such and amazing idea, and would make a great teaching tool or even a fun way to brainstorm for different projects. Love it!

  100. Love it and I’m not a designer but play one at home. Can’t wait to buy it!

  101. Onice Design says:

    Love it! I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

  102. Sandy says:

    Looks amazing, would definitely buy it!

  103. Aaron Jakes says:

    This is a fantastic. The the overall design and production of the game is unlike any other. As a board game fanatic with an interest in creative this is gold. When could I look forward to buying one of these?

  104. mic says:

    Backed this in kick way back when. It’s always the one project that got away. Would love to see you cast the die again, but then maybe it was meant to be bittersweet.

  105. Mayda says:

    Fatimah I was wondering if you were selling copies of the game. It looks great and I would really enjoy playing it and learning with my friends english graphic design technicality here in Argentina!

  106. Diana says:

    So this is like a board game for graphic designers? wow clever idea! if real estate has monopoly, then graphic design has the pitch! Very interesting…

  107. megscolleen says:

    Are you still working on the production of this?! I want it SUPER bad!!! 😉

  108. Juan Garcia says:

    Very interesting your game. is ready to be purchased? as is the process?

  109. Andres Burgos says:

    Lets make this happen, I want one!

  110. Yana says:

    Fatimah, hi! Read about this awesome game in some kind of russian online magazine, and loved it immediately – the idea and design are so great!
    I wonder is it still in process of production? Or maybe it is possible to buy somewhere? Or just order for 2 versions?
    Thank you in advance!)

  111. I want one as well. Тоже хочу такую!

  112. Marrselle says:

    Hi! I am from Russia. And I fell in love with your invention. Tell me please, how can I get it?

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